Kirstin's Six Flags Trip

Kirstin's Spring Formal

Kirstin's NJHS Bowling Night

Night Sky

Cindy's Surgery to Remove Skin Cancer

Easter 2008

Elegant Evening Dresses

Kirstin's NJHS Initiation Ceremony

Kirstin and Shelby

Momma D, Patrick, Jade, and Baby

Kirstin and Jessica

Girl's Sledding

Evening Sky, Tiger Volleyball, Kirstin's Flowers, Kirstin being Silly

Kirstin receiving the Cooperative Learner Award from Mrs. Sedgwick, also Coach Keas and Coach Little at the Volleyball Banquet

Cemetary Visit

Kirstin's Chapel

Butterworth's Patch the Pirate Program

Cindy and Doraine

Grandma and Grandpa Freese with Tim, Cindy, Kirstin, and Jessica on Mother's Day 2006

Kids enjoying the ITS Spring BBQ

CCA Middle School Spring Program

CCA Art Show 2006

Pics of Jessie at Stacy's

Pics of Jessie at Michelle's

Adopt-A-Spot in Memory of Mom/Grandma Beulah

JJ on her new Winnie the Pooh Potty Chair from Grandpa and Grandma Freese

You put your left foot in... or up

JJ, KK, Grandpa and Grandma Freese - Stephanie and Aunt Mabel

Who's wearing my shoes?

Halloween 2005

Jessica crawling up and down stairs

Kids in Family


Kirstin and Jessica - Jessica eatting Graduates

Doraine and Paul aka "Momma D and Daddy Paul" 52nd Wedding Anniversary

Jessica's 1st birthday party

Kirstin's baptismal at Christian Chapel

Jessica and Kirstin sleeping on JJ's 1st birthday at 12:19 am

Kirstin receives CCA Love Character Award for 7th grade

Jessica and Aunt Karen Sue playing

Zach's 1st Birthday Party

Jessica's Baby Dedication and party afterward at our house

Jessica and Kirstin hanging out in the car

Jessica and Kirstin sleeping in their room

Jessica and Kirstin

Brooke's visit to Columbia

Cousin Tara and Aubrey visiting Grandma Beulah's

Michael Butterworth and Kirstin celebrate their Birthday

Kirstin's 12th Birthday

4th of July Celebration with Daddy Paul and Momma D

Ebon and JJ - Brooke and JJ - Grandpa Sid and JJ

KK, JJ, Shelby and Juni

KK and JJ all dressed up - Grandma Beulah and JJ - JJ and her new car

JJ pushing stroller at Aunt Karen's - Cousin Tim, Michelle, Mason, and Rebecca

JJ at Kid's Day - Savannah

JJ and the keyboard adventure

JJ 1st time eating fruit puffs [1st solid]

JJ cruising, crawling, and pulling up pretty good

JJ, Thor, and Raven - Thor's Graduation

Grant's Farm with Ethan

JJ first time in pool

JJ stood up by herself in her Pack-N-Play

Julie and Savannah - JJ and Savannah - JJ's teeth

End of the year games at CCA - JJ with Grandma Beulah, Daddy Tim, and KK

Kirstin receiving honor roll - CCA's 2005 Art Show - CCA Spring Musical

JJ sucking her toes

JJ in high chair, thinking about sucking on her toes

JJ in Savannah's Jumperoo

Butterworth/Alverson Freese gathering at the park with the geese

I have two teeth and I am not showing them to you!

Waiting for the show to begin with Dad - After show with Grandma and Grandpa Freese

Shannon in the play - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Neighbor Chris and his fish

Aaron and Jessica at Grandma Beulah's house

Mother Daughter Banquet - Get together with Penny Court Neighbors

At the park - Hot air balloon passes over

JJ resting in her new exersaucer

KK's class field trip to Harry S. Truman Museum and Library with Tim

JJ in Goldfish dress from Pastor Barb - Cindy, Kirstin, and JJ at Grandma Beulah's

KK and JJ riding the carosel and then playing at the Kidz Court

Fox on our street, circling the houses over and over

Jessica and Tim at Jessica's 6 month appointment

Kirstin and Jessica at Cosmo park!

SuperKids church

Tim and Jessica all tuckered out

Kirstin and Jessica all tuckered out

Kirstin, Jessica and Juni -- Sunset -- Butterworth/Alverson Freese get together for Tim's birthday

JJ in Flower Pot and Sandbox at Christian Chapel with Kirstin and Pastor Barb

JJ is 6 months old!!! Trip to the Bethel park -- Eating baby food for the first time -- Sliding and swinging for the first time

Kirstin receiving Honor Roll Award

Carrie and Jessica

Alverson Freese Family at Jen and Scott's Wedding

Jessica is really clapping her hands!! Alverson Freese/Butterworth get together

Jessica can clap her hands!!

Happy Easter! Jessica, Aunt Karen, and Kirstin

Michael with Savannah and Jessica -- Jonathan's birthday

Jessica saying Hello to Savannah

Grandma Beulah and Kirstin playing ball -- Kirstin with the Butterworth kids coloring Easter eggs -- Daddy Tim and Jessica -- Savannah

Kirstin's March Book Report Poster

Grandma Beulah, Momma Cindy, Daddy Tim, and Jessica

Momma Cindy & JJ -- Cousins Thor & Raven, Grandma Celia, and Grandpa Ray in costume from New Melle Passion play with Aunt Elaine, Tim, and Jessica

New Melle Passion Play

Kirstin and Amanda won First Place for Grade 6 at CCA Science Fair 2005 -- YEAH KK!! :)

All of the Posters for the CCA Science Fair 2005

Kirstin's field trip to MU School of Engineering Week

JJ sitting up in Bassinet with feet hanging out, looking at KK

Savannah Baby Dedication by Grandpa Rod, Family Pics, The Girls

Kirstin working on Science Fair Poster, JJ trying to help

Shelby with Savannah and KK with JJ

KK and JJ in hat

JJ rolled over! What a job that was, I think I will sleep now!!

Kirstin and her chocolate covered strawberries

JJ being a giggle box

JJ standing up & holding on to her bassinet - JJ holding on to Mommy - JJ getting ready to GO!

Jessica in her new highchair

Jessica on her first Valentine's Day

Jessica waits at the Dr.'s office, she is almost 18 weeks old, now at 13 pounds 12 ounces and 24 inches long

Jessica on her baby blanket from Aunt Mable

Jessica sitting up on own - Jessica playing in her Gym

The Purple Girls - Jessica and Kirstin

Jessica having loads of fun with her feet in her Bouncy Seat

Kirstin holding Jessica

JJ having fun with KK - JJ and KK with Ebon and Daddy Tim

Amanda, Allison, and Kirstin with Snow Leopard Jessica

Jessica and Savannah with Family

Jessica found her toes and her thumb! :)

Kirstin, Shelby, and Jonathan riding Carosel at the Mall

Kirstin and Amanda Honor Roll

Tim and Jessica -- Amanda and Kirstin with Jessica Dancing

Alverson Freese Family on Cradle Roll Sunday at Christian Chapel

KK and JJ in tent -- JJ with Momma D and Daddy Paul

Kirstin with neighbor kids sledding

Kirstin and the snow fort

JJ and KK with Savannah's family


Tim, KK, and JJ bringing in the New Year

JJ resting up for next year

KK and Grandma working on KK's Gingerbread House -- Hair Doo Time

Freese Family Christmas Gathering at Uncle Bill's

KK with Grace, Gabby, and Ethan

Christmas Eve -- Misty Chasing DVD

Jessica just before Christmas 2004

Grandpa Ray's 70th Birthday Celebration

KK's Chapel Program and pics with Shelby -- KK's class Christmas party, making blankets for the homeless -- Grandpa and Grandma Scott

KK and JJ Christmas Pics -- KK's Christmas Program and Pics with Amanda

Jessica in her Baby's 1st Christmas outfit

Jessica at 9 Weeks, now 11 pounds 3 ounces and 23 inches in length

Ebon and JJ -- Grandpa and Grandma Freese -- Carl, Elaine, Thor, and Raven -- Zachariah's Baby Dedication -- Freese/Busdieker Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving Turkey -- Kirstin and Holly's snow man and snow fort -- Rich, Tammy, and Holly

JJ and Grandma -- Kirstin's mask making with classmates in art --Butterworth family -- KK's mission project raking leaves for elderly woman

Amanda and KK -- JJ -- Carl, Raven, and Kirstin -- Karen, Larry, and Tammy -- Grandma

Amanda and KK -- Halloween costumes and such -- KK Honor Roll -- Carl, Elaine, and Raven

Carrie, Joel and Cassie -- Carving pumpkins with Amanda and her family

Ethan, Gabby, and Grace with David and Miranda -- Mrs. Dundon and Miss Bode -- also Zachariah with Mike and Rebecca

Grandparents -- Uncle Jimmy -- KK and Amanda in their Mock Accident costume

Still at the hospital, JJ's birth weight was 7 pounds 3.2 ounces and 20 inches in length
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